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                                       He's Got Legs!!
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Radioman is a film industry icon; an actor who has appeared in numerous movies including those by Spielberg, Sandler, and other notables. He ran a free Radioman Hotline for film industry event listings for years, with the scoop on film happenings in NYC and other areas too. He is a familiar sight on many a set and has joined forces with other actors and industry professionals for mutual promotion and gain. Radioman's really got legs! This website is an effort to assist Radio in his own promotion as he deserves it!

Radioman Rode His Bike 8 Hours from Brooklyn to South Hampton for the Hampton's Magazine Clambake!!

A couple of years ago, RadioMan went to the Oscar's with Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and George Clooney. He is acquainted with many celebrities in the film industry and welcomed on set typically, whether planned or not! Having had numerous principal, feature, and background appearances, RadioMan is one of the most unique characters in show business. He is an "uncannilly" informed industry resource, comic, and "retro-traveler"; showing up everywhere on his old Shwinn bicycle and only occasionally using mass transit or taking a ride in a car.

When I first saw Radio, he had just arrived on set and was hugging Stephen Spielberg and I heard Spielberg say "Oh Radio, I am so glad you made it and can be in the movie! We have to have Radioman in this movie!"

Radioman is not only a Hollywood Icon, but also a hero in more than one way. He has made the role of a homeless person a personal brand and has played that role in numerous productions. As one who was once homeless, he is a "poster man" if you will, for the cause, an inspiration who has survived and thrived by raising awareness and honoring his humble roots. Johnny Depp calls him a hero. Perhaps this is what he had in mind. Radioman is also a hero for using low carbon footprint transportation, arriving everywhere on his old Schwinn, during a time when automobiles and oil consumption are beginning to be recognized as the environmental disasters that they are. And he has helped many of his fellow film industry professionals to progress, from serving up the film scoop on his hotline, to connecting folk with other timely information and acting opportunities.

So stay in touch and let us know of your Radioman sightings, we hope you want to connect to Radioman somehow to help elevate this elder statesman of acting, build the Radioman brand, and maybe he can help promote you in return. I am happy to report that this site has helped him connect with those who have sought him out. Although I am not that active in show biz any more, it has helped connect him with some super projects and people to give him some exposure, as with the Radioman Documentary and interview in London by Ten Cent Adventures.

Radioman! "He's Got Legs!!"

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