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                                       He's Got Legs!!

We're OnaRole, You're OnaRole!

OnaRole CT intended to promote and support CT and surrounding area Actors and related Artists in Entertainment. It was created in the Spirit of Radioman, to help our fellows, especially actors. OnaRole CT TV was spawned for this mission but alas, it was a short term project, and is inactive at this time.

SAG Casting Court - Honorable Judge RadioMan Presiding

   Frank Vollero Esquire Pleads Andi Poland's Case of Alleged Acting Crimes

Inspired by RadioMan: CT Actors Annual 2007 & OnaRole CT Members:
Left to Right: Andi Poland, Frank Zvovushe, Dave Boston, Lisa Castillo, Frank Vollero Esquire, Oscar Castillo, Dan D., Rachel Konstantin.

Markanthony Izzo is a SAG Actor Investigating the mysterious dissappearance of Sean Connery.
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